hegemonia part 2, sort of

The clip below is an interesting illustration of either the positive or negative of the previous post about Brueggemann's book.


I guess what most intrigues me about this is whether or not this is "poetic articulation" or simply vigilante-style criminal disobedience (I'm assuming China would consider it so). Is this really helpful in leading his church members to articulate an alternative text/reality? To what extent, given the examples we have of Wallis, Daniel Berrigan, Gandhi, MLK Jr., etc. in civil disobedience, is that a part of the poetic articulation of a new reality?

I don't think this addresses the question of hegemony however. I think if Romans 12:14-13:8ff is clear about anything, it's the understanding that there is a sense of order to the world that needs to be respected so that Christians may continue to "articulate." I don't think the Romans text is about total and unconditional submission to the empire, however, because if it is then Paul is a hypocrite. As a matter of fact every martyr in the early Church directly disobeyed the words of Paul in the New Testament by becoming martyrs. They were non-compliant with something and that got them killed.

Any thoughts? Oh, and the Jars of Clay add-on at the end of the video is a touch by the editor. Just in case it seemed like the news station was playing CCM.