Who do you love?: George Thorogood's Theological Q

Okay, so that was a pretty cheap title. I remember the slide-guitar master's "Who do you love?" and just though it fit this post A friend had this as the link on his Gmail profile: Church Security

My question from this is not all that complicated to ask, but I think it takes looking beyond a well-entrenched social belief system to answer. "How do we love our enemies as Jesus asked when we are so paranoid that we may come in contact with enemies?" Do we just ignore this teaching as culturally-bound and move on? "Oh Jesus never dealt with TERRORISTS. That's totally different." Who is your enemy? The parable of the Good Samaritan seems to say "Your neighbor is the person who used to be your enemy, and now you must love your neighbor (who used to be your enemy) as much as yourself." When we have armed guards at worship, are we discerning enemies as neighbors and doing to them what we would want done to ourselves?

I know the "what if it was your wife/child and they were in danger, what would you do?" question is probably part of the response here, but I don't think it's that easy. We too easily side with protectionism, silos, and fences when the radical call of Jesus is to love those who may harm us and forgive those who will probably commit the same offense again and again. Are we forgiven any less?

Just some thoughts for a Wednesday.