discipleship I

Haven't posted in a while, well, more than a while but it's been good to have reflective space. Talking this week about discipleship, and Bill Hull's four calls of Jesus:

1. Come and see - capturing the curiosity, Jesus invited people to investigate His way and teachings 2. Follow me- Jesus called, using imperatives, people to walk with Him literally but to embody and participate in His action in the world. 3. Be with me- Michael Wilkins would say this is the hallmark of discipleship, to partner (true meaning of koinonia) with Christ in His work for justice, restoration, and redemption of all creation. 4. Remain in me- Jesus call to persevere with the new life, stay obedient and faithful in the light of coming persecution and counter-cultural living.

This serves as a tremendous map for where we are in relationship to Christ - curious, participatory, partnering, and dwelling. Where do you find yourself? What needs to happen to move from where you are into a fuller, deeper commitment to Christ?

Just some thoughts that have come up through two days of doctoral class in Lincoln. We are dealing with, in an exhaustive and extensive way, with what discipleship IS and what a disciple looks like both in process and at various places of growth.

This is the last class before the thesis project, and it has give me a lot to think about, and my hope is that it doesn't stay as simply thought but moves into practice and reality through what I'm doing at Parkview.

Who are you following?