When Things are Broken...part 2

…then there’s another side to this whole “brokenness” thing. I’ve seen brokenness be used as an excuse.

“I can’t change – I’m just broken. I wish things were different, but I’m frail and imperfect.”

I agree with this to an extent, but then again there seems to be a lot of talk in the Scriptures about “growing up.” What I think is happening is that the fear of getting into some type of “works-righteousness” (in other words, using our actions to earn the love of God which is impossible and fruitless) has kept us from one of the truly beautiful things of life –

Growing up.


Becoming something we were intended to be.

I love the passage in Romans 7:14-25 where Paul struggles because the things he wants to do he can’t or won’t do, but the things he’s trying to avoid come pretty easily. This is a case study in brokenness –

I want to forgive, but instead I hug my grudge. Besides, I’m not strong enough or spiritual enough.

I want to bless, but cursing just feels right. Besides, who do I think I am to bless someone else?

I want to give my life to something bigger, but honestly I’m exhausted. Besides, I’d probably mess it up anyway. God can’t use me.

The passage is great because we see Paul as a pretty flawed guy and we can be encouraged that even saints (a word that needs better definition, but that’s another post) can drop the ball. But we rarely ever carry out Paul’s next two thoughts:

  1. There is no condemnation or slavery in store for broken people (8:1-4)
  2. The law that used to condemn is gone, and in its place is walking according to the Spirit. (8:4-8)

The important thing is that “walking according to the Spirit” thing – we’re not intended to just stay broken but to begin walking a new path. A path filled with stumbles and misdirections, true, but ultimately it’s a path that matures us and changes us and makes us who God intended us to be in the first place. Because, as I posted yesterday, broken people are the ambassadors of healing to a broken world – we are the agents of change, God’s beloved, and therefore we are not useless but valuable to Him. Growing up makes us…


At peace.



Bringing light into dark places.

If we’re content to let brokenness be the thing that we hide behind, we’ll at some point become lost in brokenness and we’ll lose sight of that big and beautiful life God has in store through the Spirit of Christ.

Trust me, I biff it up daily. But I know that I’m no longer defined as “the biffer-upper” – I am a child growing and maturing in His Father’s way.

I pray this is where I can keep my thoughts on a daily basis.

I hope that is your prayer as well.