Adding or Multiplying?

Down in Kissimmee for a conference called Exponential with some of the folks from Parkview staff. The conference was started by our friends Dave and Jon Ferguson from Community Christian Church in Naperville, IL. The concept is simple - things change and movements grow faster when you are changing exponentially rather than just adding one more thing. So, let's look at spiritual growth. Sometimes the thought is that we need to add another spiritual practice (prayer, silence, fasting, etc.) rather than saying what one thing can I do that will have the most impact in the most areas of my life.

For example, silence is an activity that changes everything in our lives. It brings us clarity, helps us listen, helps us to realize we don't have to constantly talk in order to live or prove we have some value in this world. And then here's the cool thing - what happens to the way we pray, worship, and talk with other people when we've had an experience of being able to live in silence?

Let's start thinking less about "what kind of spiritual habit do I need to add?" and more about "what spiritual habit(s) will have the most influence over the whole of your life? Think about it today.