I'm Back With Something Awesome...

So, a long layoff from blogging. My apologies. Here’s a recap: -I went on vacation with my wife for our tenth anniversary - which was awesome.

-Parkview began transitioning for new things happening in the fall. More on that later.

-I officially began writing my project paper for my doctoral degree. It has been a long journey (started in July 2007) and I hope to end it in May 2011.

One of the transitional things we’re doing at Parkview that has me really excited will be the launch of our new “Traditions” venue on Sunday, October 24th in the Parkview Underground at the Orland Park Campus.

You might be asking yourself “What’s a venue?” or “What’s Traditions?” or simply “What?” or maybe “Why are you so pumped about this?”

Traditions will be a place where we will worship in a more relaxed, casual, and intimate atmosphere. We’re going “unplugged” with worship, using acoustic instruments and bringing in more of the classic songs of the Christian faith (you may have heard them called “hymns.”) You’ll still get PT’s powerful weekend teaching via video and you’ll have a chance to connect with other Parkview-ites in a much more intimate setting as the Underground is a much smaller space.

I’m pumped about this because I’ve been asked to be the Venue Pastor for “Traditions” – to help guide us through worship, to help hear and guide anyone who comes to the “Traditions” venue, and to help people explore their gifts and abilities through serving in the “Traditions” venue.

Honestly, here’s my heart on this: I know there are people who love PT’s teaching but find our music too loud or the size of the main worship service too overwhelming. Traditions is a place for you. I know there are people who want to have that “church” feel here at Parkview. Traditions is a place for you also.

My vision is that through the “Traditions” venue God is going to help us find new ways to continue to be a place where people who have been burned by church or have no relationship with Him to have a radical encounter with Him and find their way back to Him.

Could you imagine? Imagine a place where you can…

…connect with people that you would never meet in the main worship area and establish new relationships with people who are seeking God just as you are

…a place where you can find a spot to serve and contribute to the crazy mission of Parkview to help people connect with God

…a place where you can invite people who are transitioning out of a different church background and aren’t quite ready for the radical change that they often experience in the main worship service

So what can you do now? We need your prayers at this point. The planning is taking off and we have a short time to get people into place, and here are the critical needs:

  1. A core group of attenders who will invite friends that they know would dig what Traditions is all about.
  2. A core group of volunteers who will help us greet people, welcome them, and serve in the communion/offering time.
  3. A constant awareness of God's presence, guiding us as we plan and work to get ready for the new things He's going to do and for our launch date on October 24th.

If you want to get involved, get some questions answered, etc. You can contact me via email: casey.tygrett@parkviewchurch.com

Peace friends.