Spirituality is A Virus

Yeah, it’s hard to say this going into a season where many of us in Chicago will have our lungs blasted with the kind of cold air that serves as time-share property for bugs, germs, and viruses of all types.

Kind of makes you want to gargle some bleach, huh?







But all the same, we live in a viral world. My morning news show has an entire segment devoted to viral videos and links (I take no responsibility for any content you find on the site, however) and much of what we find as illustrations for sermons come from videos we’ve been forwarded or recommended which probably came from someone else forwarding or recommending…

You get my drift.

The reality is that everything we know, do, say, eat, read, wear, drive, tweet on, sit on, think on, love on, and focus on has been passed on to us and is therefore perfectly prepared for us to pass it on to others.

That includes spirituality.

Unlike other viruses, spirituality (or Christian spirituality to be more specific) is something that we should WANT to pass on. This is good news – this is the true evangelism that we’ve been taught is about rescuing people from Hell when they die but really its about giving hope and life in every kind of Hell that we face.

Knowing Jesus and the God He loves and patterning our life after Him through the power of His spirit is contagious.

Look at all the times when Jesus does something in the Gospels and we read “and word about Him spread…” There is an epidemic of love and hope when spirituality is passed on.

There is more and more data coming out today saying that we need to start learning by doing again – so, my question is this: Who are you infecting today with the hope and truth of Jesus? Who are you taking the time to show a life that is bigger than just “heaven when I die”?

Are you really even “infected” yourself?

God, completely infect me with your contagious love and grace so that I can’t help but pass it on to others today.