Life is...Spiritual?

Several conversations in the last few days about spiritual growth – if that term doesn’t make sense, it’s basically our intentional movements to become completely consumed by God’s Spirit. In other words, it takes a while.

Like, from now until we die. Hope that’s more encouraging than it sounds.

If I could summarize those conversations I’ve had, they would all pan out to this:

Life IS spiritual.

What does that mean to you? If it’s true, what does that look like? We talk a lot about a "spiritual life", but what if "life is spiritual" whether you have a relationship with God or not? Is it possible to be experiencing a life of "bad spirituality?"

Why does it seem like spirituality only addresses things that WE d

efine as specifically pertaining to God? Can playing board games with our kids be “spiritual”? Can building shelves be

“spiritual”? Can napping when there are other seemingly essential things to do be “spiritual”?

Why or why not?