3 Great Christmas Devotional Reads

Christmas is upon us full force and I know a lot of people (including myself) are looking for good resources to read as individuals and as a family. It's helpful to have something to keep our heads on straight about Christmas with all the chaos, shopping, parties, and propaganda that no doubt is calling for our attention. Here are some suggestions for you this season:

Today In a Manger

Billed as a book that revisits “his story,” this reader starts on December 1 and goes through December 25, walking through various events and characters surrounding the birth of Jesus. The format is great, both readable enough if you’re new to reading “Bible-type books” but with enough depth for people who are familiar with the story but need a new edge. Good for individuals or families looking for something to focus on. A few of the chapters are available for download free, and it is also available on the Kindle (if you’re THAT guy…ha!)


The Advent Book

This was actually recommended by my good buddy Bill Brown as something he and his family use for the season of Advent. Filled with colorful illustrations this book walks you through the story of Jesus’ birth in clear, concise, and understandable language. If you have younger kids this a great book because of the 25 interactive “doors” that you open each day that tell a new piece of the story. If you were like me and grew up with an advent calendar where you opened a new door each day, this is right up your alley. Plus, the author/illustrator are local and that gives the book a sense of place as well.

Watch For the Light: Readings for Advent and Christmas

Classic Christian writers such as Henri Nouwen, Madeleine L’Engle, and Anne Dillard write a devotional thought for each day of the Christmas season, beginning November 27 and stretching through to January 7. This book contains some high quality writing, and some of it because of language and content is somewhat steep, but it is worth the investment and the digging to read these daily writings to get some great new insights into Christmas. I’d recommend this book for couples and individuals who are looking for a more challenging read this Christmas.

Would love to hear your suggestions as well! Happy reading as you prepare for “the arrival”!