Getting Creative...Spiritually...

Creativity is on the lips of most business and leadership gurus these days (like this or this), but the funny thing to me is that we aren’t hearing it often from those who are working in the realm of Christian life, discipleship, and spirituality. If you’ve heard of someone doing work with creativity and Christian spirituality, then please comment here and let me know. So, to get the ball rolling I want to introduce you to a band I’ve been following for the last year or so. They are called Pomplamoose and if you watch a few of their videos what you’ll notice is that they use everyday items (such as a Polaroid camera as a percussion instrument in their cover of Beyonce’s “Single Ladies”) to create music. Not like toddlers banging on pots and pans mind you, but serious music.

iTunes gift card worthy music.

That's my testimony.

Could Christian spirituality, our daily life intentionally engaged with God and His story, be enhanced if we could take a page from Pomplamoose and use everyday situations and opportunities to create space for Him to speak.

Where are you being “creative” in your interaction with God?

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