A Piece of My Mind

Preparing for this weekend's message "The Kingdom of Christmas: Lands Far Away" at Parkview. Here's one of the key thoughts from my message that I wanted to throw out there as a) a teaser for this weekend's message and b) a thought for you to reflect on.

Agree or disagree:

The reality is that the biggest news of Christmas isn’t just that Jesus came into the world. It isn’t even that He was born to a virgin. It’s all of those things but it’s one more: At Christmas, God settles the issue of who gets in. God settles the issue of outsiders versus insiders and goes after the outsiders. The time of the insiders like Herod is over, and the news of the King is going to everyone. Everywhere. No matter what. The Kingdom is wide open.

If you're free this weekend, come check out Parkview and our special worship team Mosaic. If not, audio and video from the message will be posted on Parkview's website on Monday.

*PS - The post on sex is coming. Be patient!