Talking About Rest

So much of what I've been reading lately has had to do with "sabbath" and rest and the way that Sabbath (even though it's really good for us physically, emotionally, etc.) focuses on reminding us that we are not God - nor have we ever been, nor will we ever be. Sabbath forces us to stop and rest and "cease" from our labors so that we are reminded of the God who is behind all of our efforts and ideas. Eugene Peterson gives this insight:

"Most of us spend most of our time in the workplace. But without Sabbath, in which God goes beyond the workplace (but not away from it), the workplace is soon emptied of any sense of the presence of God and the work becomes an end in itself. It is this "end in itself" that makes an un-sabbathed workplace a breeding ground for idols. We make idols in our workplaces when we reduce all relationships to functions that we can manage. We make idols in our workplaces when we reduce work to the dimensions of our egos and control." (Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places, 116)

How could you "re-sabbath" your workplace? Your home? Your life?