20 Reflections on the Last 2 Years

Today we’re waiting and watching for a blizzard. The biggest in Chicagoland since 1967 when 23 inches of snow fell in 17 hours. That’s big time. Glad that I wasn’t even conceived of when that happened – now we have these.

Yep, garbage trucks with snowplows. That's hardcore.

Last week, I celebrated 2 years since I started as spiritual formation pastor at Parkview Christian Church. It was a really intense time in our lives, leaving behind a small community that we had poured sweat and love into for 5 years and starting a new life in the wild and bustling suburbs of Chicago.

I haven’t had a lot of time to reflect on what these two years meant on the deeper, spiritual level, but instead I have a list of things that I’ve found to be true of myself over the last two years. I hope this helps others to ask clarifying questions of what is happening in your life and ministry through different time periods. It’s a stream of consciousness list, but those are the best and most honest.

  1. I realize more that without God nothing is possible.
  2. Leadership does not have to happen on only one front, but it does have to happen somewhere.
  3. Contemplative people need to learn how to be assertive or lose valuable time.
  4. Bill Brown can make up new Greek words without too much problem.
  5. There is always a new idea that says what you’re currently doing is wrong.
  6. You can’t give every new idea the same weight (see above)
  7. If you have an assistant, don’t feel bad about letting them assist.
  8. Better ministry opportunities aren’t good excuses for excessive family abandonment.
  9. If you play badminton in a worship center, it is best not to do it on recently shampooed carpet.
  10. People are able to see through garbage – don’t pretend that they can't even if they don’t let on that they see it.
  11. If you’re not a little challenged by your own ideas and their practicality you may not be exercising enough faith and vision.
  12. God will build you through suffering time and time again.
  13. You don’t have time for everything. Only the things that are most important.
  14. Sometimes the easiest methods of communication aren’t the RIGHT methods of communication.
  15. The Kingdom of God doesn’t have to look like you think it should. God has the right to bring His Kingdom where He wishes.
  16. If you walk away from your strengths, you’ll find yourself giving into your weaknesses.
  17. Anyone who teaches Scripture to other people should reflect on their teaching by saying “Do I really know what I’m talking about? Do I really believe it?”
  18. God is aware of infinitely more possibilities than I am willing to believe in.
  19. My leadership style, now that I know what it is, scares me but also gives me hope.
  20. Communicating the Gospel to people is an area of immense possibility if you know the people (Thanks Tim.)

I have more, but I’d love to know what you’ve been learning. Write in your #20 and we’ll go from there.