Prelude: The Myth of Community (?)

Out of the blue, I began to wonder today: Is community as the church has it rolling today - small groups, discipleship groups, mentoring - doing what we believe it's doing?

Having been in the lead role in a church with a large number of small groups, I can tell you that no matter your size it is nearly impossible to put your thumb on the pulse of every group and get an accurate reading. I've even come to the place of asking whether or not "small groups" are what is needed to help connect people and incubate real growth in Christ?

So, what's the state of community in the church today?

Are people growing in their relationship with God?

Are people growing closer to each other - connecting beyond superficial stuff?

Are people being spurred on to produce the kind of fruit (Galatians 5) we hope to see in growing, committed disciples of Jesus?

More to come, more to come...