3 Random Thoughts on Love

Just a few things for the closing of this St. Valentine's Day. 1. Very few people know the story of the actual St. Valentine. Consider yourself informed - you'll never look at candy hearts the same.

2. Love is not the same thing as tolerance. Whether it's your spouse, your neighbor, or even God Himself, loving someone is not tolerance but it is active and mobile - confronting and encouraging all in it's season. If you think love is always simply "letting things slide" (sometimes it is profitable to do so, but not always) then you are probably in a codependent relationship or one that is about to get out of hand quickly.

3. Love in it's truest form means "other people." It is focused on, oriented toward, and for the benefit of others. There is indeed a benefit to the "lover" - but as it's been shown to us, love is to give away.

In the words of the Mars Hill (Grand Rapids) folk, "LOVE WINS."

Thanks to my commenters on "The New Rosary" - would love to hear other voices get into the mix!