What Ticks (Christians) Off

In a message I preached long ago, I made the comment that “what ticks us off is probably where God’s passions are trying to come through.” The best example of this is Moses who killed an Egyptian soldier out of anger in Exodus, trying to save one of his Hebrew brothers, and eventually was used by God to lead the WHOLE nation away from Egyptian soldiers & slave masters. The indignation he felt in the first case led to the God-ordered passion in the second case. I don’t shy away from that statement one bit. What ticks you off is probably where God is developing a passion.

But Christians fight with each other all the time. We fight over baptism. We fight over the end times. We fight over whether we can choose to follow Jesus or if God has already predetermined all of that.

Sometimes this happens in a loving, constructive, civil way.

Sometimes it comes out like bitter old men griping.

And sometimes, sadly, it’s an all-out cage match of vicious threats, snarky Tweets, and promises of eternal judgment and separation from God. (As if we had the license to hand that out). I put myself first in this category as well, because even this post is a bit snarky.

So I’ve changed my statement a bit on what ticks us off – “what ticks us off about another Christian is probably where the Spirit of Jesus needs to teach us how to love more deeply and constructively.”

As an interesting side note, here’s a video from Steven Furtick @ Elevation Church on the very topic. Not endorsing what he’s saying, but something to spur on the thoughts in this post.