How to I.D. Your "Quiet" Leaders

Regardless of what you do, more than likely if you’re in some position of ministry you’ll be confronted with the challenge of finding new leaders. This can be extremely difficult. Sometimes this could even be described as a “crap shoot.”

What do you REALLY know about a person’s abilities, gifts, or potential?

You know they are loved by God, you know they are called to a big and beautiful life, but are they the ones to take up the challenge of leading other people in and through that big and beautiful life? Are they the Romans 12:8 folks or not?

I don’t have an answer to that – but I can say that the ones you're looking for may not be who you think.

In their excellent book Brains on Fire, Phillips, Cordell and Church talk about “quiet” leaders as the ones who can “ignite movements.” I believe this is more what leadership in ministry is about – igniting movements – rather than managing programs. Here are their three traits of “Quiet Leaders” (p.53):

  1. Quiet leaders let their actions speak louder than anyone’s words ever could.
  2. Quiet leaders leave egos by the way side.
  3. Quiet leaders elevate those around them instead of always trying to elevate themselves.

Do you have quiet leaders in your area of ministry right now that need to be tapped?

What is the consequence of having the opposite – “loud” leaders I suppose – active in ministry?