Things I've Learned So Far in March

I am an introspective person – basically that means that I love thinking about stuff that may or may not have any value for other people. I think it does, but then again it’s my thoughts. So then I blog them, and people read them. Is that still introspection?

It’s always good to stop and think about what you know now that you didn’t know a week, a month, or a year. So, in no real order is my list of lessons so far in March:

  1. A three year old can have early pneumonia and still act like nothing is wrong.
  2. You can try to be clear, to write clearly, to speak clearly, and be completely misunderstood anyway.
  3. Sometimes humility comes in big packets not simply single doses.
  4. To be loved deeply by someone can bring you through just about anything.
  5. Our greatest fears are simply times to learn how all-encompassing God’s care is for us.
  6. Bouncing back from adversity is a much different process when you are dependent on God’s Spirit.
  7. I’m reading more business and marketing books now than my wife and she’s in that field.
  8. Standard Theme does improve your visitor count. I don’t know why, however.
  9. There is so much humility to be learned when you find that someone has your back and is willing to do so in public.
  10. Sometimes the greatest spiritual discipline is to NOT hit the “Send” button.

What have you learned this month so far?