Hair Metal Taught Me the Bible

While I was teaching through one of our core classes (Parkview folks, sign up for the next round) we were talking about how people learn Scripture and one person suggested that when praise and worship music uses Scripture it helps us to learn and remember it more effectively. I had to agree. And for that, I turn to hair metal.

I was a metal head in high school and still have an affinity for the hard stuff, but my parents wanted to keep me from ending up fully demon-possessed so they discovered and presented me with Christian heavy metal.

I was hooked.

One album that talked about Scripture a lot was “Weapons of Our Warfare” by the band Deliverance. The verse is taken from 2 Corinthians 10:4 and I’ve always remembered that.

So, in essence I owe some of my Biblical knowledge comes from hair metal.

So in the age of YouTube, I give you some Bible teaching. You’re welcome.

As humorous as that video might have been, it’s always good to remember where we learned the Bible and what had the most impact.

What about you? The passages and thoughts you remember best from Scripture – where did they come from?