Random End of the Week

It's characteristic that posts are least likely to be read if posted on Friday. So, I'm posting randomness today so that you know I'm still alive. Here we go. 1. Listening to the Catalyst Podcast right now. Good stuff. 2. The end of the week in the church staffing world is actually the beginning of the week. Please remember that when you're shutting it down, your ministry staff in your congregation are firing it up. 3. Spent a LOT of time this week with Radiohead's "King of Limbs." There is something atmospheric about their music that calms me. What music calms you? 4. Great conversations set today off for me, all of them around food, so it made me wonder: Is there a particular food that can kill a conversation, spiritual or otherwise? 5. Two classes this weekend at Parkview - teaching is something that gives me energy but in big chunks takes it out of me too. Come take something out of me by going to our Parkview "Grow" website and signing up for one of these experiences.

Heading out now - what kind of randomness will you be involved in this weekend?