Is God Home?

A line from Meister Eckhart, which I've heard quoted in many different ways, says this:

"God is always at home. It is we who are out for a walk."

Something about that quote, something quieting, to think of God at home waiting for us. God sitting at the table, waiting with candles lit, a fantastic meal laid out before Him, waiting for us.

God in the recliner, reading the paper, checking the window occasionally to see when we will return.

God waiting by the phone, waiting for us to call and let Him know we're alright.

Well, that's just absurd because God knows where I am at all times, what I'm doing, and what I've gotten myself into.

And the truth comes crashing in: Yes, He knows all that and sometimes He lets us wander and other times He dives in and drags us out.

But at all times, in all seasons, in all ways...He simply wants us home.

Lord, let me rest in this image today. Content to be home, at your table, with my siblings that sometimes make me crazy.