Jesus Wakes Up to This Morning's News

Today I woke up later than normal – by virtue of the kid being at the grandparents overnight. I drowsily slid out of bed and headed toward the shower when I heard my wife, watching the news, say this phrase:

They killed Osama Bin Laden.

Even in the sleep induced state I had one thought. “Here it comes.”

For me, someone whose heart breaks because of how I see people’s worldviews either support or detract from their life in Christ, events like this bring out the best and the worst in everyone.

I knew people would be dancing in the streets.

I knew people would be rejoicing in this moment.

I knew Twitter and Facebook would be alive with events and declarations about how good this is and how we can all rest a little easier now.

And I wondered what Jesus would be doing if He were here now. If He had awoken this morning to our 24-hour news cycle and seeing that this polarizing figure had been killed. And seen people partying, gathering in the public square, rejoicing…

Would He say, “I died for him too?”

Would He say, “Who is your neighbor?”

Would He say, “What does it profit you to gain the world (peace, security, safety) if you lose your soul?”

I talked with my dear friend Brian Hunt this morning and said that as soon as I saw the news, I felt the immediate need to say “something.” Social networking and blogging call for that response, and in a word I suppose this is my response.

I believe that when we glory in the death of another, our enemies, we reveal what we are truly concerned about. Safety. Protection. Lack of fear.

“But what about the people he tried to kill?”

“What about the victims of 9-11?”

“What about justice?”

Following Jesus doesn’t lead to clean edges, easy decisions, black hat vs. white hat scenarios. It simply calls us to love, and to respond to the Spirit of God in ways of loving that sing the hymnody of the Father who welcomes prodigals and seeks out the black sheep in Samaria and the ends of the earth.

I think about Osama Bin Laden’s family. His mother. His father. Does it sting any less? Should they just have accepted what he had done and the just punishments that come along with his actions?

How many Christians will pray for His family and their grief today?

I don’t have answers, and what I’ve given already will spark polarizing debate from both sides and accusations will be flung because that’s what we do when we’re scared we might be wrong.

So, what do I offer? A simple prayer for today from John Baillie, that will hopefully let us learn from Jesus watching the news today.

O You who has set the solitary in families, I crave your heavenly blessing also for all the members of this household, all my neighbors, and all my fellow citizens. Let Christ rule in every heart and His law be honored in every home. Let every knee be bent before Him and every tongue confess that He is Lord. Amen.

Lord, remind us about the resurrection. That death is not the end. And remind us about our enemies, and what it means to love them.

soli gloria deo