Called to What...?

We are all “called” to something. When I was first starting out as a pastor, people would ask me how or why I decided to do it.

I told them it was for the money. Then they said, “No, seriously.”

I talked about a moment where I really and sincerely felt God lean on me about what I would do with the life He had given me.

Pastoral ministry was my “calling.”

Along the way though, I’ve realized that it’s not my ONLY calling. I’m a husband. I’m a father. I’m a son. I’m a son-in-law. I’m a co-worker. I’m a neighbor. I’m another driver on the road. I’m a citizen. I’m a writer who puts out ideas.

The question is not what our calling is, but how do we handle what John Baillie describes as “…being diligent and faithful in [our] several callings…”? If we are followers of Jesus, we are called to let that reality – that Kingdom-identity- which is code for people who surrender their own agenda as a primary driver in their life and they take on the principles, values, and goals of the world’s true King, Jesus Christ.

So how are you following Jesus in your calling to be a husband? …father? …son? …son-in-law? …co-worker? …neighbor? …another driver on the road? …citizen? …writer?

When we grab on to the depth and wideness of our calling, we start to realize how little we can do on our own. Our dependence on the energy that comes from the grace of God comes clear when we are confronted to the calling before us as well as the sheer lack of ability within us to fulfill it.

God, sustain us in our many callings. Let us know you aren’t just about our religiousness, but our us-ness and our we-ness in every aspect of every day.