Missional Serial Killer

Sin murders mission and missional people. If we follow Christ, the intention is that we'll be driven by God’s Spirit – the spirit of Jesus – that leads us into all truth and teaches and reminds and prods. We die – the Spirit takes over (Gal. 2:20)

The Spirit that takes over more and more real estate in our hearts is the Spirit that represents Jesus, the same Jesus who sent the disciples out to “baptize” and “teach” the world who He is and how to follow Him (Matt. 28:19-20).

So, when there is unchecked sin in our lives – something we know is  contrary to God’s design for us, even if by everyone else’s standards it is a “right” we have – it turns the volume down on the Spirit.

Without hearing the Spirit, we can’t take on the mission we’ve been built for.

The deeper we go into the mission of our lives in Christ, the louder the Spirit has to be.

The deeper we go into the mission, the more incisive we need to be in training ourselves against our places of weakness.

Sin kills mission. Disciplines reinvigorate and energize mission.

Missional people are people who are engaging, both individually and corporately, in the disciplines of abiding in Jesus Christ and His Spirit.

Where do you need discipline today?

How is it affecting your work in the mission of God in the world?

Thinking of making this thought line part of a book, any takers?