5 Things I Realized on Vacation

I came back from our family’s annual trip to Wisconsin and had some serious catching up to do. The result was only one blog post this week so far, though I think it’s worth the read. So, without much fanfare here’s the five things I realized on vacation:

  1. Unplugging completely from technology has two phases: the first where it keeps coming into your mind, and the last phase where you can’t even bring it back to mind by effort.
  2. Reading Eugene Peterson’s The Pastor reminded me what the heart and soul of life, Scripture and the pastoral vocation is: this place, this time, these people, the Kingdom.
  3. I really have become dependent on an ongoing musical playlist. I actually took a nap with Amos Lee creaking out of my iPhone’s tiny speaker.
  4. I have a ton of things to be grateful for, and the chief enemy of gratitude is moving the gifts God has given us to the background and replacing them with things that are “important.” The stars of our life, the gifts of God, become extras when we sacrifice gratitude for hurry.
  5. I could eat at the Lake St. Café every day for the rest of my life as long as I could do it with my beautiful wife and my family.

I have one more vacation related post coming, but this will do for now.