The Bible is Hard

We have to get cozy with the title of this post. Don't let it discourage you, let it soak in and become a challenge. The Bible is hard. It's written over thousands of years, in at least three languages and with various dialects.

It is written in a culture that we don't live in and often don't understand. By people who think in ways we don't think.

It's essential, however, to knowing God that we know the Scriptures. It's where He reveals Himself to us.

We need other people - whether scholars, pastors, or a group of friends to struggle with this amazingly human but profoundly difficult story. This doesn't mean we can't read it privately and digest certain pieces, but if we want to get the full force of it we need other people.

What's at stake if we try and make it too simple?

What's at stake if we don't respect it's difficulties?