The Bible Doesn't Apply to You

Well, not always. And not always in practical, step by step ways.

The trouble is that when we first start reading Scripture we have a drive and need to answer this question: What does this tell me to DO? 

Scripture is a living, breathing thing. It's a story of real people, in real places, doing real things with real consequences either for, against, or inspired by a real God.

It has tons of practical elements, but the overwhelming message of the Bible is this:

This is who God is.

This is what God has done through Jesus.

This is what God's people look like.

Be one of them.

The Bible is far less about what we should DO than it is about who we should BE. Granted, the latter informs the former but I think we can avoid so much pain and turmoil by simply starting with the BE and then moving toward the DO.

Why do you read the Bible? Is it to be or do? What does it look like to do BOTH?