5 Lessons for The End of August

I thought about the best ways to come back from a break from blogging. An earthshaking announcement? Didn't have one, unless you count completing my doctor of ministry degree on Monday.

A short, pithy, theologically controversial video questioning a key Christian doctrine? I think that's been done...twice actually...

No, the best way to come back is with a list. So here are 5 things I'm learning right now, some with qualifiers and others simply submitted to you without any frills. Enjoy.

1. Discipleship & formation - becoming more like Christ and less like me for the sake of the world - is a long journey and rarely ever serves our wants but instead reveals our needs. More on this to come.

2. A four year old swimming in the Caribbean is exponentially heavier to toss around than the same four year old on dry land. My back is a living testimony to that as we speak.

3. There are hidden and beautiful places in the Scriptures where, if we are looking, we will find both correction and promise sitting down at a table together.

4. I'm not as young as I used to be.

5. We are far from being who God wants us to be, but He is bound and determined to help us find the narrow road that will take us there if we are willing to walk with eyes and hands wide open towards Him.

More to come this week. Peace friends.