What IS the Gospel?

Scot McKnight, a great teacher and someone I had the pleasure of talking with recently has written a new book that will be released soon. The video below is a trailer for this book and I include it here because the question begs repeating - What Is the Gospel? I often teach about how the Bible came together in the form we see today, at least the New Testament. Much of the drive behind the collection and formalizing of the "canon" (the books in the Old and New Testament) had to do with the fact that people were literally DYING for the Gospel. But which Gospel? Several were floating around at the time of the church's formation, but which one traced roots back to those who were eyewitnesses to Jesus and His time on earth as well as those who led the flourishing church in the early days.

These folks were possessed with an understanding of the Gospel of Jesus that led them to torture, poverty, and death.

What IS the Gospel they lived by? I'm excited to see what Scot has to say especially after this trailer.


Also, Scot will be joining us at Parkview in January to teach on the book of James. Watch our website for more info!