Remembering a Ragamuffin

We've all been influenced, to some degree, in our lives by others. We've been given examples and standards that shape and mold us. There are people, especially in the Christian faith, who have blazed a trail for others to follow and their humility and goodness are unavoidable. One of those people in my life was songwriter Rich Mullins, who died 14 years ago today.

I found some videos of his music, and you can find those, but for me this section of the "Homeless Man" documentary (released after his death) is extremely challenging.

If you want more, definitely check out James Bryan Smith's book "An Arrow Pointing To Heaven." It is one of the most powerful books I've ever read.

One line that makes sense today is from his song "Peace":

So may peace rain down from heaven Like little pieces of the sky Little keepers of the promise Falling on these souls this drought has dried

In this blood and in this body In this bread and in this wine Peace to you, peace of Christ to you.

May we all be challenged by the ragamuffins, poets, and wild-eyed prophets in our midst who ask us by their very existence to follow Jesus at a far more earnest clip.

Peace of Christ to you.