I'm Doing Good

We say this ALL THE TIME. "How are you?"

"I'm good."

A good, solid Bible nerd would "Jesus juke" you with "No one is good but God."

That aside, there is something buried in this exchange.

I'm good.

It's a phrase that more often than not describes a hope rather than a reality.

We want to be good, to be more like Christ and less like us. Even if we name it as being a "better person" we all have this longing to be what we were created to be.




Jesus, basically.

So, our "I'm good" response is basically garbage. We're always in transition or in the process of becoming new.

We miss a tremendous chance at growth when we reflexively say "I'm good" instead of thoughtfully and deeply examining where we are. We will know more of Christ if allow ourselves to be regularly reminded of how little we are like Him.

Today, and this weekend as you gather with the beautifully fragile community of God's people, keep an eye on your temptation to say "I'm good." How many times will you pause and give that some thought?