Why I Don't Blog on Thursdays

There are studies and commentaries on blogging out there that say the more you blog, the more people will read your blog. More content generates more interest in what you have to say which results in more pageviews and ultimately the highest honor - a higher Klout score. So I don't blog on Thursdays.

Am I trying to fly in the face of convention? Am I trying to prove some different thesis about blogging?

Not at all.

The reality is that I don't blog on Thursdays because in the rhythm of my normal working life it is my day off. It is a day where I cease activity and remember that I'm not in charge of the world - where I celebrate the centrality and faithfulness of God so that I remember the random unpredictability of me.

The command to observe the Sabbath in the Old Testament starts in the story of the quail and the manna in Exodus 16. At the end, God tells Moses and Aaron to

Take an omer of the manna and keep it for the generations to come, so they can see the bread I gave you to eat in the desert when I brought you out of Egypt. (Ex. 16:32)

Notice the pronouns here:

the bread I gave you I brought you out of Egypt

God, in His goodness has given me life and a the desire to write and create content for whomever may find their way to the blog. It's God's content, God's activity in the narrative of my life, God's movement and healing and restoration that I hope to talk about and see come to pass in the lives of others. If this blog accomplishes that, then to God be the glory.

But not to me. Or my Klout score. Or my pageview count. Or my RSS subscriptions.

I don't blog on Thursdays to remind myself that no matter what I have to say, the ultimate Word has already been spoken. Thursday is a day to live in it, and humble myself before the God who has given me this bread in the desert.

Who knows, perhaps generations to come will search my blog archives and see no posts on Thursdays and it will inspire them to keep the Sabbath?

(probably not, but then again that's not mine to control).

peace of Christ to you all