What He Said...

Sometimes the most frustrating thing is trying to communicate a difficult subject in a clear and understandable way. As a person whose primary role is to teach, I understand this. As a person whose primary role is to teach about the transformation of the soul via the Holy Spirit, I REALLY understand this.

I've talked at length about how formation is not about "trying" to be good or better but about "training" ourselves to be like Jesus (thank you John Ortberg & Dallas Willard). It has not been easy, especially when I communicate to an audience that for the most part was raised Roman Catholic, where (at least in their minds) God was demanding "What have you done for me lately?"

And then, today, I read this article on the 99% by Behance blog.

And promptly said "Amen."

Though the article directly addresses sports and organizational leadership, the principle is key:

Willpower gets in the way. Becoming still, taking our "foot off the gas pedal" allows for peace and clarity.

If you look into this with formissional eyes, what you see is that instead of trying harder to be more like Jesus (whether that's morally or missionally) we can lose ourselves in "abiding" in Him.

"Just be with me," He calls us. "Let everything else flow out of your abiding in me."

I think if we read this article with an eye toward how we are formed in Christ, it could lead to revolutionary things in both our lives and missions.

And you? What say ye?