3 Signs You Should Pursue Spiritual Direction

I have written on this blog in the past about "spiritual direction" and there are opinions aplenty out there about whether or not spiritual direction is good and useful to God or if it is in league with New Age teaching and/or the anti-Christ. I choose the former. I'm planning a blog post in the future to explain why, but for now just trust me.

The question I hear often on the subject of spiritual direction is "what is it and who is it for?" These are technically two questions but I think they feed off of each other so much that it's worth it to group them together. Spiritual direction is basically the friendship between two people, either two peers or a formally designated spiritual director and someone seeking direction, in which the objective is to ask questions and point out threads or connections in life that help the participants to listen to the Holy Spirit and move accordingly. It is not counseling or therapy in that it does not have to be executed by licensed professionals (though there are licensed directors that may give you comfort) and it does not primarily deal with curing emotional or psychological issues.

I have presented a fairly complicated definition, but once we start to come to terms with what spiritual direction is we can look at the second part which is "who is it for?" I'm including three possible questions that can help you or someone you know to determine whether or not spiritual direction is for you.

1. Are you finding yourself out of answers or saying "I don't know what God wants me to do"?

2. Can you discern God's voice and direction as it appears in your life at this time?

3. Are you struggling with thoughts or emotions in your relationship with God that you can't quite define or understand their origin?

These are just a few ideas to get the ball rolling. If you are interested in spiritual direction via Skype or have more questions about where to find a director please feel free to comment below or use the social media connection buttons at the top right of this page to send me a note. I'd be happy to engage you in a brief conversation and help you determine the best director for you at this time.