A Quick Thought on Prayer

I believe that prayer is primarily conversation with God - talking and listening. I also believe that the biggest challenge in our lives to prayer is consistency - can I do this every day?

My thought for today on prayer is this:

You don't have the same conversation with your wife, family, and close friends every day. There will be days where the conversation is different, and that's okay.

David rejoiced, lamented, complained, questioned, inquired and flat out shouted in the Psalms. Moses pleaded and prodded God in Exodus. Jesus asked rhetorical questions in the Garden of Gethsemane.

Don't let the conversation between you and God become rote and routine. Bring what you have, as you are, when you are able, and bring it often.

Pray written prayers. Pray brief prayers. Pray standing. Pray kneeling. Pray while doing other things. Let it be conversation that ebbs and flows out of the depths of your true state in life. Pray sad. Pray thankful. Pray joyful. Pray angry. Pray confused.