What If I Get What I'm Waiting For?

Reading from Psalm 62 in The Divine Hours this morning:

For God alone my soul in silence waits; truly my hope is in him.

I know I've been guilty of coming to a time of silence with God and waiting for it - you know, that world-rocking insight that changes my whole life and completely transforms everything I do.

Then I'll write the book about it and become a world famous author. In my selfish moments, I get there. I confess.

But as I sipped my tea this morning and read this verse, I reflected on it and ended up with a world-rocking insight that put all the others in context:

If my soul waits for God alone, am I content if that's all I receive? If I simply find myself in God's presence - hearing nothing, just being?

Father, help us not to miss your presence because we are looking for something more powerful. Forgive us for believing such a thing exists.