My Top 10 Posts from 2011

It has begun. The media is swimming with "Top...from 2011" lists as we cruise into the New Year this weekend. Sometimes, if the tide is going a certain direction the best thing you can do is swim with it and enjoy the ride. This is me swimming with the tide.

This year was the year of the "interview" and I've included some of my favorites as well as posts that were either powerful insights for me (and for others who commented) or posts that challenged me and shaped me in new ways. They are in no particular order - enjoy!

1. Talking "One.Life" with Scot McKnight (interview)

2. The Myth of Community, part 3: An Interview with Aaron Monts

3. 10 Helpful Ways to Destroy Your Soul

4. The Myth of Community, part 2: An Interview with Greg Hunt

5. Love, Hell and Rob Bell: An Interview with Rob Bell

6. A Conversation with Margaret Feinberg (interview)

7. 4 Benchmarks for Formissional Living

8. Will You Close the Deal?

9. My 3 Essential Tools for Spiritual Formation

10. Lake Wobegon, the Gospel, and Me

I'm sure there are some I've missed, including the first post in the Myth of Community series with my dear friend Gretchen Magruder, but these are the concise ten.