Why You Need a Spiritual Director

I believe that everyone needs a spiritual director or spiritual friend. At some point.

It does depend on where you are in your relationship with God, but at some point everyone needs someone to help them listen to God.

I had the privilege of spending time with my director yesterday and I find myself much more peaceful, focused, and balanced than I was prior to our meeting.


Because spiritual directors aren’t there to tell you what to do, they’re there to help you listen to the Holy Spirit.

Because spiritual directors are there to point out the obvious, which is obvious to everyone except you.

Because spiritual directors ask you the kind of questions that help you to risk where necessary in order to grow in the depth of your life with Christ.

Because spiritual directors and spiritual friends are invested in walking with you through the conversation, not just answering every question with definitive information.

Because spiritual directors engage the Scriptures with us in a way that compels us, challenges us, and enlivens us when we're dead on our feet.

I am blessed to be directed and I know it’s a privilege that I must celebrate regularly.

I am blessed to have the opportunity to direct others as well, and I pray that God uses me in the way He has used my director.

Are you interested in spiritual direction? Contact me at the white envelope at the top of the blog. Skype direction is a possibility where needed!