Listening In On Someone Else's Conversation a good thing. This morning we spent 15 minutes as a staff praying, so that we could refocus and prepare for the day ahead. We needed to get re-engaged and recharged and Wednesday is typically a great day to do it because we've had a 4 day week by that point already.

Sometimes we're even wondering "How did I get into this anyway?"

The greatest thing about praying together and engaging in the Jesus Rhythm (sign up for my upcoming e-book here) as a group is that when you hear other people pray, you have access to their hearts and their stories. You hear their gratitude, you hear their struggles, you hear what it is exactly that they desire of God. And by the by, you learn how to pray.

What are you hearing second-hand when you pray with others? What are you learning about prayer when you pray with other people? If you aren't praying with others, I would encourage you that this act of community can change everything.