One Way To Bring Life to Prayer

The act of prayer, conversation with God, can be an incredibly beautiful time of insight and hope. Over time, the habit of prayer can become tedious and boring. And that's okay.

When those times of dryness come, we need to vary the conversation. We need to explore new ways of communicating with God as well as open to listening to Him.

One way to do this is by rewriting a Psalm and praying it as your own. Most of the Psalms pray well as they are in our English translations, but there can be great fruit from praying a Psalm in our own language. For today, here's my prayer of Psalm 23 as a way to workshop this idea with you.

You Lord are my caretaker and provider, there's nothing I need at all.

You fill me completely, give me access to life, and renew me when I'm tired. 

You show me where to go and what to choose to remain in step with You.

Even if I walk into desperate situations, I won't be afraid. You're with me. Ready to scoop me up and turn me around. 

You plan a restful meal for me even when others want to blast and destroy me. 

You give me the things I need for healing, you give me well more than I could ever imagine. 

Certainly your true good and true mercy will be with me as long as I live. 

And I'll dwell in Your presence with no end in sight. 

May this be a guide for you to rewrite and pray other Psalms today.