Our Present Will & Testament

Everyone has the dream of the relative, who is typically unknown, that sadly passes away leaving us a small fortune. Usually this is second in line to the winning the lottery dream, despite never playing but our consciences feel better about the demise of unknown wealthy relatives. Inheritance is an interesting thing. We've all inherited traits, behaviors, habits and viewpoints from our parents. We've inherited ways of seeing the world, ways of handling money, views on marital commitment and even political positions just as easily as we've inherited attached earlobes or brown eyes.

In either case, inheriting something happens because that trait is present in such a way that it soaks into us. Deeply.

Reading from Psalm 60 yesterday:

Prolong the life of the King, may his years endure to all generations! May he be enthroned forever before God; appoint steadfast love and faithfulness to watch over him! (v. 6-7)

I began to think about the concept of inheritance, which for David who wrote this psalm was a key term of God's covenant, and I thought about this idea of David's years enduring to all generations. Did David really want to live forever? Or was this something more? Chances are David was expressing the desire of every Israelite that the covenant goodness, the steadfast love of God, would run throughout their lineage and descendants "forever." It's not a stretch then to say:

The way we live our life for Christ now is something we will pass down.

Parents can't hope that their children will have a better relationship with Christ than the parents themselves are willing to pursue.

Children will hand on the knowledge of Christ and the teachings of His love and discipline that they are handed by their parents.

David's statement is echoing the need that every person on earth has - to be left a fortune by a rich relative.

The richness of Christ and formation into His image must be given as an inheritance.

So, what are we leaving to the generations that will come after us? What must we pursue so that our inheritance is a fortune in the Kingdom of God?