A Prayer For Friday

Ending this week with a flourish, I offer a prayer that I hope will bring some closure to the 5 day work week and lead us into whatever our Saturday/Sunday agenda may be:

Father, I spent this week doing many things. I served, I prayed, I ate, I celebrated, and my hope is that all was in balance. Please help me see the places where I lost the plot, where I forgot what it was all for.

Father, remind me that above all things I can take peace in knowing My identity My hope My meaning My purpose Comes only in being your child, and that gift of adoption is irrevocable.

Grant me the wisdom to take rest where I can, laugh where I can, and weep for those who need it. May everything that happens today be a laughably joyful act of returning gratitude to you, and help me to know that those who see me as foolish are in the pitiable position of letting bitterness choke out the good you want to bring them.

You have given me all I need. Let peace come from my giving up the chase for anything beyond this.