Praying for an Answer

Great breakfast conversation this morning with a friend led me down this path: Have we ever considered our prayers from the perspective of what life will look like when they're answered?

Think about the recent things you've brought to God lately - the issues, struggles, strains and desires.

What would life look like if they were answered?

Would we really be okay with that? Could we handle God answering our prayers?

I believe that most of us would be stretched beyond comprehension in our faith and trust if God answered our prayers.

Then there's this thought: Would we regret asking for what we've asked for once God had given it to us?

Would we crave the devil we know - the Egypt of our slavery - over the devil we don't know - the wilderness where only God knows what happens next?

As we pray, we must stretch out our weary and trembling hands to receive something that we really have no business possessing or with which we have no clue what to do. This is faith. This is the life with God who sees around corners.