An Everyday Thing

The thought that drove me to write The Jesus Rhythm, though I didn't know it at the time, was that there had to be a way to move from the monastery to the warehouse without things being lost or compromised.

Put simply, Jesus went from the mountaintop to the masses with seamless grace and movement. From the "spiritual" to the "practical" without any sort of friction or lost momentum.

Formation & discipleship, which are two sides of the same coin (an idea that I'm calling "the umbrella" but more on that later) must be able to happen in times of quiet prayer as well as in times of furious effort and work.

When a pipe fitter creates a seal in an elbow joint, there should be prayer.

When a carpenter drives a nail, there should be meditation on Scripture.

When an administrative assistant makes a phone call, there should be hope for God's justice.

If spiritual practices - that lead to our being formed into Christ-likeness - aren't happening in everyday situations I have to wonder whether they will affect our lives at all, ever.

What about you? How do your habits and practices of being with God invade your everyday routine?