Getting it In, Getting it Out

This past Friday Parkview hosted the Chik-Fil-A Leadercast conference. Some great insights came out, and I found myself occasionally saying:

I have to do something with this.

I realized as I said it how critical these moments are for us as world-influencing "spiritual entrepreneurs" (more on this concept in a later post) because that insight or quote could lead to incredible growth and development within us that will drive us to change the world with the Kingdom story. 

So what do we do? The typical knock on conferences is that by the time you leave the venue, drive home, and put the notebook/journal they gave you on a shelf, you've forgotten half of the really good information you heard. If not more than half...

Seriously, think about the conferences that you've attended, the messages you've heard, the TED talks you've watched - how many of those have actually changed a core motivation or activity in your life? How many of them have lasting power beyond the moment in which you witness them?

The reality that I came to, standing and listening to the Leadercast, is this:

If we do not have a place to process the stirrings of our heart - those blasts that come from things we hear or insights we receive - they will not make a lasting difference in our lives.

What do you use to make sure you process things well? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Moleskine journal - great, tidy way of recording insights for future review. I like the lined version.
  • Action Method - whether you use the print or online version it gives you a way of putting your ideas in a place where they can be easily retrieved.
  • Evernote - write it, record it, tag it, search it - these are all helpful pieces
  • An idea partner - find someone in your life to share a whiteboard moment with, someone who has similar passions but not necessarily the same type of role. Let them provide feedback on your ideas.

God is constantly speaking, the whisper in the wind. (1 Kings 19:12)

It's hard enough to hear  a whisper, and in our sensory-washed culture it's even harder to remember whisper.

How do you remember the whispers of God today?