The One Measure of Growth

I have always been hesitant to use "The" in front of anything I write. Ever since I read a certain leadership book that claimed to give "The" irrefutable laws I have been uneasy with saying that this is it. There isn't anymore.

I'll break that briefly for today.

There is one measure, one metric, one milestone that I believe characterizes a balanced, healthy, and intentional engagement with the formissional life.

Is what you do in the quiet places - the prayer, meditation, fasting, study, etc. - translating into energy and drive toward actively loving others through justice, forgiveness and community?

We grow by risk, and we take risks as a result of God's spirit urging us on to get out of simple spiritual self-preservation and into the backyards of genuine brokenness.

When we pray, we tap into the God who commissions and sends. If we are not responding to commissioning and sending, we have to begin to wonder what is happening when we pray anyway? 

Take a moment to look at the last month: Where have you seen spiritual practices translate into missional work in your world?