A Legacy Story

I received a text from my Mom a few days ago letting me know that the pastor who helped open my eyes and heart to Jesus had passed away. I knew that when I was growing up, he seemed to me to be hundreds of years old, brimming with wisdom and that confident grin that disarmed everyone he came into contact with. It's strange, because there are people that you lose track of and then when you find out they are no longer with you suddenly the memories flood back with crystal clarity.

His messages.

His presence.

His pastoral care for all of us.

Even as a teenager, I knew that he was a man of integrity and faith (though now looking back through the lens of being a pastor myself there were certain qualities that probably made him difficult to work with) and he represented a shepherd to the sheep in the truest ways.

It is because of him, through his obedient service to King Jesus, that anyone who has been blessed by my service to that same King has received anything of the same.

There is nothing more powerful in the world.

That is a true legacy.

I only pray I may have a legacy that gives birth to grand and great-grandchildren in Christ as his legacy has done.

Rest well, Leroy Hostetler, and know we'll talk again one day.