Creativity and Breathing

God created - let's get past how, when, how long, with what material and simply say God created. God infused man with breath - ru'ach in Hebrew. In-spiration. Putting air within and causing breath which turns oxygen into life and releases carbon dioxide into the air. It's an act of creation.

To breathe, a gift of God in and of itself, is to create.

Creating is where it all began. God spoke, exhaled syllables into the void and something formed where there was nothing.

To live, to breathe, to be is a gift of God and when that gift is used it harnesses the same seismic shift power that brought the world into being and order.

We don't do it with perfection but we do it all the same. We create good. We create evil. We create joy and celebration and art and music and love.

All of us have different gifts but the same Spirit as 1 Corinthians 12:4 says, pneuma in Greek, which is where we get the words "pneumatic wrench" or a wrench powered by air.

We are gifted and inspired by the creative force of God. So, whatever we do today is an act of creation.

Things will exist, after today is done, that didn't exist yesterday as a result of our action. Good or evil. Life-giving or life-robbing. Hopeful or despairing.

We are creating even as we read these words. The critical question is this: who is your muse? Who is the guide for all of this creativity and at the end of the day does your creation serve Them specifically? 

I know this seems a bit more loose and philosophical, but I've been wrestling with this question all morning. I pray it wrestles with you as well.