Pomplamoose, Creativity, and the Gospel

Welcome to Friday! It has been an up and down (mostly down) week for blogging for me, due to my work on some final details for our launch of The Story this weekend at Parkview. My beautiful wife posted this video this week, and I love any opportunity to awaken people to the goodness of the band Pomplamoose:

Pomplamoose has built an entire musical career using YouTube, creative videos, covers of hit songs that are actually listenable, and their connection to their fans. They've done it without a record label (for the most part) and even landed  Hyundai commerical last Christmas.

The best thing about them, not to mention Nataly's unbelievable voice, is their understanding that now we live in a culture where you can create something and give it away to an entire world without restriction, permission, or approval. Granted, the video above is about music but what about the witness and testimony of the Gospel?

Are we in a time now where we can give away the Gospel to more people than ever?

Is this the moment where we can, both digitally and relationally, engage with people and incarnate Christ on a larger platform than ever conceived of before?

Granted, there are social media issues to deal with and there are things that have to be avoided by Christians in order to displace our reputation for simple online answers without conversation (or at worst the hate that spews when "some" Christians enter into disagreements). That doesn't change the fact that creative, compassionate, and articulate individuals are sitting out there with hands on keys and perhaps waiting for the green light to be spiritually revolutionary in the online cosmos.

Creativity may in fact be today's primary vehicle for evangelism - where best to express it than in a creative-friendly medium? Whose permission do you need?

The movement of the Gospel has always been unlimited - it spread across the largest empire in the world in the first 7-10 years after Jesus' resurrection and ascension.

With no media.

No Twitter.

No Facebook.

We all have an opportunity to freely create, distribute, and speak the truth of Jesus Christ in a way that is beyond powerful.

You have that opportunity - you have the tools, what will you do with them?