Aprentis Conference Notes - Part 3

Nancy Ortberg, "Grace and Fear"  The source of most of our struggles is fear.

Grace invites us to engage our fear.

Sin reminds us of the gap between us and God and enhances our fear.

Fear is both insidious and invisible.

There is a larger power than fear. It is grace.

4 Ways of Dispelling Fear With Grace

1. Grace renders you less afraid of fear.

2. Living in Grace and Fear together allows us to blur the lines between the sacred and profane.

*Jesus passed a lot of synagogues on his way to hang out with sinners

3. Grace shifts the center of who we are

*Your safety and identity are carried within you, secure no matter what happens.

4. Grace always points us to hope.

"We consume grace, and in its consumption we deliver it to others on behalf of a gracious God."